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This is an open call for LGBTQIA+ artists!

Please submit your artwork for consideration to be highlighted in our 110-piece virtual gallery! 


The theme of the gallery is “VISIBILITY” to celebrate queerness on the blockchain during LGBTQIA+ Visibility Month. We are only asking for artists who identify as LGBTQIA+ to submit artwork for this exhibition. There will be many more gallery opportunities within the 50mm Collective so don’t worry! 


Artists - you can submit up to 10 pieces that you feel represent this theme and that you would like to have featured in our gallery. Artists with collections of 10 pieces or more are highly encouraged to submit! If selected, we will be asking each artist to provide up to 8 pieces.


If selected, artists will also be featured in a media marketing campaign via Instagram and Twitter.



*All artwork must be minted & listed in order to be placed within the virtual gallery.

*All artwork must be minted on Ethereum or Tezos blockchain.

*If selected, artists are asked to contribute 10% of their sale from the gallery to the 50mm Collective. 

View past gallery exhibitions:


Submission Deadline: Friday, May 13th. 10am PST. 

Website VISIBILITY GALLERY (1500 × 500 px).png
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